A downloadable game for Windows

This is my first game made using Unity3D. By now the only thing that you can do is to explore the land.

If you have any suggestion or a better name for the game please just post in the comments section below. Thank you for trying this prototype.

Known Bugs:

  • You can walk through some parts of the trees
  • If you go underwater you won't see the water surface anymore

Install instructions

Choose the latest version and download it. After downloading the file unzip it and open to game folder. Then you Double-Click on "The Last Chance.exe". A window will pop out asking you t choose the screen resolution,  graphics settings and controls. just click on "Play!" and the game will start.


TheLastChance-v0.1alpha 28 MB

Development log


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Thanks. Also, be sure to download the new version

I did

nice look when u going to make a new patch ?

I released a new patch a day ago