v0.1 Alpha

After one year, I've decided to release another version and because there are pretty significant changes, I decided to jump from 0.0.1a to 0.1.0a(short 0.1a).

Here are some changes:

  • The island is bigger
  • The landscape has an entire overhaul
    • New terrain textures
    • Smoothed terrain and remade most of it
  • Day-Night Cycle(which is adjustable by a slider)
  • You have hands now
  • New trees with better wind animations
  • The water is more blueish
  • Increase the water quality
  • Objects cast dynamic shadows(such as trees)
  • Add a crosshair
  • The Player runs faster(just for development)
  • Reduce by a lot the download file
  • Remove "Development Build" Text


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Jul 15, 2017

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